Letter: Mark Twain to Helen Keller

Helen Keller
Helen Keller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When she was twelve, Helen Keller was accused of plagiarism. Mark Twain’s letter to her expressing his views on plagiarism, written ten years later, appears on Letters of Note.


8 thoughts on “Letter: Mark Twain to Helen Keller

  1. Thank you for reminding me of this! I remember reading about it in high school as I prepared to play the part of Ms. Sullivan in a play. Rubbish never was exposed as eloquently as by Mr Clemens.


    1. He really managed to hit the nail on the head, didn’t he? It’s a shame so little of his writing is widely known. Not that I’m familiar with all that much of it–which could be a sign I should start reading.


    1. You’re welcome. I came across the link on a blog–which one, I’ve forgotten. I’ve found so many good things through blogging. What did we do before the web?


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