Repost: Review of Kaye George’s CHOKE

I'm reposting this review in honor of Kaye George, author of the Agatha-nominated mystery, CHOKE. Kaye is currently in Washington, D. C. , where the Agatha Awards will be announced tomorrow at the annual Malice Domestic "fun fan" convention. Malice Domestic salutes "the traditional mystery—books best typified by the works of Agatha Christie," and "loosely defined as mysteries which contain no … Continue reading Repost: Review of Kaye George’s CHOKE

Select Tender Type or, Another Reason Literature Is Important

At HEB this afternoon, having verified that I had, indeed, spent my last sou on a cup of coffee at Waterloo Writers, I ran my credit card through the scanner. The resulting screen read, Select Tender Type. Tender. Such a formal, old-fashioned word for this new-fangled device. It reminded me of the scene in which … Continue reading Select Tender Type or, Another Reason Literature Is Important

Shifting Responsibility, but Nicely

Over the weekend, I had an epiphany. If I'm going to write anything longer than a blog post--such as a novel--I have to do three things: Sleep--before midnight as well as after Eat--no refined carbohydrates, no grains, no sweeteners, no processed foods, no added salt... Exercise--as in MOVE. I didn't buy that stationary bike just … Continue reading Shifting Responsibility, but Nicely

Loose Ends

PBS is airing MI5 for—what?—the fourth consecutive season? and I'm watching reruns. Again. Last week, Ros died for the second and presumably last time. Because I'd already seen the episode (often), I used only a half box of tissues. When Adam died, I wept a puddle, but Ros' original demise prompted a deluge. Now the … Continue reading Loose Ends

A Cat May Look at a Queen

Every Christmas, David gives me a gift commemorating our visit to the UK ten years ago. The latest was a small figurine of the Queen, which resides on the lamp table beside my chair. The Queen seems comfortable there, upright, smiling yet dignified, never the focus of unseemly familiarity. Yesterday, though, returning from my critique … Continue reading A Cat May Look at a Queen

Rice Pudding Suitable for Framing

My friend Em informed me that she has found the Google Art Project and will therefore be incommunicado for about the next five years. If she can drag herself away from the National Gallery of Everywhere, she might show up for dinner Sunday, an engagement we made months ago. If not, she'll send her husband … Continue reading Rice Pudding Suitable for Framing

SCN Stories from the Heart Conference 2012: Saying Yes

Linda Hoye, one of my sisters in Story Circle Network, reminded me today that SCN's Stories from the Heart Conference 2012 will take place April 13-15, here in Austin. She'll be there. Sisters I've met in person or online will be there. Sisters I would like to meet will be there. Will I be there? … Continue reading SCN Stories from the Heart Conference 2012: Saying Yes


What follows is a repost from January 2011. It's one of my rants. And it's worse than I remembered it. It's an example of what happens when I write instead of withdrawing to a funk hole to get over it. (If you don't know what in the world I'm talking about, see the previous post.) … Continue reading Tizzy

Grappling with King Charles’ Head

I have been--to use a term I learned from fellow blogger Kate Shrewsday--in a funk hole. Recent events in the American political arena have had me biting my tongue and wearing mittens to keep from making an abject fool of myself on this blog. Every time I started a post, I immediately thought of a … Continue reading Grappling with King Charles’ Head