Repost: Review of Kaye George’s CHOKE

I'm reposting this review in honor of Kaye George, author of the Agatha-nominated mystery, CHOKE. Kaye is currently in Washington, D. C. , where the Agatha Awards will be announced tomorrow at the annual Malice Domestic "fun fan" convention. Malice Domestic salutes "the traditional mystery—books best typified by the works of Agatha Christie," and "loosely defined as mysteries which contain no … Continue reading Repost: Review of Kaye George’s CHOKE

Book Review: Kaye George’s CHOKE

Question: If you combined Lucille Ball with Inspector Clouseau, what would you get? Answer: Imogene Duckworthy, amateur PI and main character of Kaye George's new mystery, CHOKE. Immy is a delight--the 22-year-old unwed mother of 3-year-old Nancy Drew Duckworthy (Drew), she lives with her retired-librarian mother, Hortense, in Saltlick, Texas; slings hash at her Uncle … Continue reading Book Review: Kaye George’s CHOKE

Fish Tales

The poor, half-eaten fish to the left graces the cover of Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology. Guppies is a chapter of Sisters in Crime, an organization dedicated to the promotion of mysteries written by women. Guppies is short for The Great Unpublished. The title is misleading: a number of Guppies are very published, but they … Continue reading Fish Tales