Locomotive: And the Winners Are…

About an eon ago, I posted the picture above with the following promise:

“The first person to leave a comment identifying the picture above will win a copy of Kaye George’s CHOKE.”

Five readers (bless their hearts) commented; none identified the picture correctly.

Consequently–ALL of them win a copy of CHOKE.

If the following–

–will e-mail me your mailing addresses, I will send each of you a copy of Kaye’s book.

E-mail me at kathywaller1 at gmail.com.

And thank you for commenting.

As for the picture–within the next seven days, I’ll tell you all about it.

2 thoughts on “Locomotive: And the Winners Are…

  1. I’m too late, I know, but it looks like the Pennsylvania railroad calendar pictures. Paintings by Grif Teller.


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