William, Making Adjustments

Last night, while I was working–aka playing Bookworm–William jumped into my lap. Fortunately, the camera was within reach, so I was able to document the adjustments he made searching for the perfect position of repose.

Note on Position #1: What looks like a spot of mange near his tail is merely the result of being rubbed too hard, too often, in the same place. He approves mightily of the petting, but I’m afraid to withstand even a Texas winter, he will require a pair of pantaloons.

Position #1: Kitty plants posterior firmly on my chest.
Position #2: Kitty drapes torso across keyboard.

Position #3: Kitty shifts from right to left.

Position #4: Kitty discovers burning tiles.

Position #5: Kitty settles into state of companionable repose.