Day E: Epistles #AtoZChallenge

The Way I read a Letter's -- this -- 'Tis first -- I lock the Door -- And push it with my fingers -- next -- For transport it be sure -- And then I go the furthest off To counteract a knock -- Then draw my little Letter forth And slowly pick the lock … Continue reading Day E: Epistles #AtoZChallenge


I received the letter pictured below when I worked at Norma Krueger Elementary School's Scharf Library. Crystal Walpole wrote asking what my favorite book was. She dropped the letter into her classroom's mailbox. Krueger's Wee Deliver postal service stamped and delivered it to the library. At the time, Crystal's address was 683 Cocker Spaniel Drive … Continue reading Priceless

A Letter to Alfred Hitchcock

I'm really not trying to rely on other bloggers for all my posts, but one this from Letters of Note is too good not to share. It isn't what I expected it to be--it's even better. ***** Photo by mansionwb at flickr via Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0  ***** Related Articles Hitchcock: Reluctant Auteur. (

Building bridges, forming bonds

When I was teaching English, I arranged for students to have pen pals. I don't remember the details--whether I required them to participate in the project or promised those who did extra credit. I might have simply offered to send names to an agency to be matched with potential correspondents. I do remember why I … Continue reading Building bridges, forming bonds