X Is for Xerxes: #atozchallenge

  Lying in bed this morning, I came up with the perfect Y word. I began gathering information and working on an introduction. Then something in my brain clicked and I realized today is X. I figured I might as well go back to sleep. But then one of my characters, the sweet and very young … Continue reading X Is for Xerxes: #atozchallenge

Day N: Now #AtoZChallenge

          NOW   “The convention center? Well, go about six blocks, to where the old movie house used to be–the one that burned in ’87–What’d you say, Fred?” “Now it’s condos. The Oaks.” “Oh, that’s right. Well, just before the condos, turn left. When you get to where the Masonic lodge … Continue reading Day N: Now #AtoZChallenge

Day G: Good News & Glitches #AtoZChallenge

          Glitch. The A to Z Blogging Challenge calendar looks like this:   But in my mind's eye, until this evening, the calendar looked like this: If I'd paid attention, I'd have noticed I was supposed to post yesterday, a Saturday, instead of taking the day off. If I'd paid close … Continue reading Day G: Good News & Glitches #AtoZChallenge

Day E: Epistles #AtoZChallenge

The Way I read a Letter's -- this -- 'Tis first -- I lock the Door -- And push it with my fingers -- next -- For transport it be sure -- And then I go the furthest off To counteract a knock -- Then draw my little Letter forth And slowly pick the lock … Continue reading Day E: Epistles #AtoZChallenge

Day D: Dilly-Dallying #AtoZChallenge

Yes, definitely running behind in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. No surprise, of course. If I were all caught up, I would worry. Blogging with a theme would have helped. Instead of choosing topics, I'm wallowing around in a sea of them, waiting for one to come to my rescue. April was a … Continue reading Day D: Dilly-Dallying #AtoZChallenge