Lady Edith Defended & ROW80 Plans

I speak on behalf of Edith Crawley.

Highclere Castle
Highclere Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Granted, the second of Lord Grantham’s daughters behaves like a real stinker, exposing Lady Mary’s extreme indiscretion in season one of Downton Abbey and rendering her, in Lady Grantham’s words, damaged goods. 

But consider: Edith has spent her life sandwiched between the beautiful Lady Mary and the stunning and sweet Lady Sybil. Mary hasn’t a kind word to say to or about her, at least when I’ve been listening, and neither Lord nor Lady Grantham appears concerned about Mary’s evil tongue. (Lady Mary, in my estimation, should have had a good talking to before she was out of rompers. And several weeks in time-out.)

In addition, Edith is the only member of the family who doesn’t whine about turning the Abbey into a convalescent home for officers during the war. She pitches in and makes herself useful. If Mary had done something besides yearn for Matthew and worry about her marriage prospects, she would have been happier.

And this viewer would have been happier, too.

I’m pleased to see Lady Edith finally getting together with the gentleman she lost because of Mary’s retaliative backstabbing several years before. I haven’t one hope in Habana that he will survive to the wedding, or even to the engagement, since Edith is the hard-luck kid of the series. I only hope Mary isn’t the agent of her disappointment this time. I’ve about had it with Mary.


Round 1 of ROW80 2013 begins tomorrow. I set out my Eight Suggestions in a post last week. This week, I plan to concentrate on #s 2 and 6: Write for an hour a day and get to bed before midnight. I’m not doing too well with #6, so that one will take extra effort. I’ll check in again Wednesday.


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2 thoughts on “Lady Edith Defended & ROW80 Plans

  1. I have come to feel some sympathy with Edith as the series rolls on. I thought she was pretty awful at first, but I did feel sorry for her last night in the opening episode of Season Three.
    It would be nice for her to find some happiness, but like you said, she is the hard-luck kid. I like the chauffeur Tom who married into the family. I hope he doesn’t turn into an aristocrat. Matthew is nice, and so is poor Bates. I hope he gets out of jail. Maggie Smith is the consummate scene stealer of the whole bunch.


  2. I haven’t watched Downtown Abbey yet, but like your defense of Lady Edith. Good luck with your goals, err suggestions this week. Start heading for bed around 10:30 and you’ll make it before midnight. 🙂


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