Melody Maids, 1967 & the Ballerina’s Birthday

Melody Maids Rotary - no names - final

The Melody Maids of Prairie Lea High School
Rotary International Christmas Luncheon
San Marcos, Texas, December 1967

Names have been deleted to protect the innocent.

The ballerina celebrates a birthday this week.
Happy Birthday, KJP

10 thoughts on “Melody Maids, 1967 & the Ballerina’s Birthday

    1. Please don’t feel that way. The muffs were cotton stuck to a cylinder made of lightweight cardboard and Scotch tape. Neither warm nor attractive.


  1. I have a picture of my wife in similar attire… and then thirty years later, my daughter. They look so much alike at the same period of their life. This post reminds me of that.



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    know. Ha!

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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  3. I MUST pass this on to my two sons, who thought “these ladies” were the coolest ever, and one of them related ! They were convinced the songs they played for them were all written just for them !
    Thanks KW and KP


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