Shadow Chasing Shadow

clouds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today there were no clouds at all, but I could well imagine how magnificently the huge, brooding area of sky would look with gray, scudding rain and storm clouds lowering over the estuary, how it would be here in the floods of February time when the marshes turned to iron-gray and the sky seeped down into them, and in the high winds of March, when the light rippled, shadow chasing shadow across the ploughed fields.

~Susan Hill, The Woman in Black

Clouds by Ted Garvin (Own work) CC-BY-SA-2.5  

7 thoughts on “Shadow Chasing Shadow

  1. Yay! Wonderful to hear someone else quoting it, Kathy! The seascapes Hill describes are so distinctive. I have often thought, it’s a shame that old house is haunted. It would make a stunning bed and breakfast.


  2. To paraphrase Emily Dickinson, the passage took the top of my head off. I envy writers who see the sky seeping into the marsh and light rippling and clouds chasing clouds, when all is see is dark and cold and wet.


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