bill at 5 yrs 001
Billie Waller, 5 years old, 1920

My father would have been ninety-eight years old today.

In September, he’ll have been gone for thirty years.

It’s easier to imagine him as the child in this picture

than to imagine him at ninety-eight.

Of two things, however, I’m certain:

If here were here today,

his blue eyes would still be twinkling,


 he would still be making us laugh.

8 thoughts on “Billie

  1. He looks so impish in the picture, Kathy. Reminds me of pictures of my Dad. When we lose someone so key, so cornerstone, it reminds us that each one of us is totally, irreplaceably unique.


    1. And the truth is, Kate and Kathy, that when someone dies, such a wealth of experience is lost to the world. I pray I have a long time to go!


  2. Oh my gosh, what an amazingly patient, loving man. I am proud to have been introduced to such a wonderful time in our history, and especially in my life.
    I need an Uncle Bill right about NOW. ! Thanks Kathy for this picture, I am not at all sure I have ever seen it. I must make sure the boys see it.YOuy must know that the apple does not fall far from the tree, and you hav all those special quallities too. Love you.MVZ


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