Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Put Off Till Next Week

Today I’m reblogging a free-writing Fancy Fairchild wrote last month during a meeting of the writing practice group 15 Minutes of Fame. I’m especially fond of this piece, not just because it’s humorous and well written, but because I learned from it that I’m not the only one whose couch is backed by stacks of paper impersonating an end table.

15 Minutes of Fame

by Fancy Fairchild
June 15, 2013

I’m raising procrastination to a high art. Example: I am supposed to turn in my mileage documentation by the fifth of the month—it is now June 15 and it’s still in the folder, line upon line (64 or so) and I haven’t calculated the mileage on Bing yet.

Last night when I got on the computer to do it, I started playing solitaire. I finally won on the sixth try—then looked up other free games, looked up Bradley Manning and NSA articles on World Can’t Wait, tried to watch a youtube video, and browsed political and other blogs until I was exhausted and went to bed.

I finally threw away my book about overcoming procrastination.  The program in the book required too much perseverance. Besides, it didn’t fit on the shelf crammed with books about being organized; “How to Get Things Done,” “Organizing for…

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