Well, Shut My Mouth

SCORPIO October 7, 2013 You don't have to give every thought that drifts through your head a voice. Unless you are standing for something that is essential to who you are, it won't be necessary to offer a judgment. ~Holiday Mathis, "Horoscope"  * Above is today's horoscope. So far, I've followed its advice reasonably well. … Continue reading Well, Shut My Mouth

Paris, Day 2: Starving and Art

The breakfast room off the lobby is spacious, airy, earth-toned: oak paneling and hardwood floors, sconce lighting, a view of the garden. While David pours coffee, I forage. In the corner, canisters of cereal line the wall above the breakfast bar: cornflakes, bran flakes, raisin bran, O's, plain and fruited and frosted, reflect the room’s … Continue reading Paris, Day 2: Starving and Art