Making Monsters

Frank Larnerd’s post has given me a fantastic idea: a killer Jersey milk cow named Pansy. All I need now is a plot.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors


This post by Frank Larnerd

Werewolves, vampires, and zombies are staples of the horror genre and while they do an excellent job as metaphors for our fears, they are often overused. One way to stand out among the crowd is to find new (or forgotten) monsters.

Here are five ideas for your next scary story!

5. Go local

Wherever you happen to live, there are unique creatures nearby. Just make ‘em evil, multiply, and set them loose on your characters. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have destroying your home town with demonic pigeons, or herds of snarling genetically modified cows.


Seriously, they’re out to get us.

4. Go ancient

Our forefathers lived in a time of monsters. From satyrs to nymphs the ancient world was steeped in tales of dangerous creatures that remain as exciting today as they were in centuries past. Revive an ancient monster and let your…

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4 thoughts on “Making Monsters

  1. You had me at “killer Jersey milk cow” until you named her Pansy. She sounds so sweet. Do you remember the old cartoon about Ferdinand the bull, who only wanted to loll about the pasture sniffing flowers? He just didn’t have the killer spirit. Or is the cow in New Jersey, as in Jersey Devil, or is she just a plain Jersey cow?


    1. I was thinking of my uncle Joe’s Jersey, Two Spot, who didn’t like children, mainly me. But Two Spot is such an uncommon name, I chose Pansy, after my uncle Henry’s milk cow.


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