Poems for My Nieces by Abbie Taylor

Abbie Taylor, one of my fellow bloggers at Writing Wanglers & Warriors, shared with the WW&W readers a poem she wrote for a thirteen-year-old girl. It might not have made me smile when I was thirteen, but now it does, so I’m sharing it with you.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors

I just received word from Wilda Morris that one of my poems is a March winner in her monthly poetry challenge on her blog. Last month’s challenge was to write a lullaby poem so I wrote one for my niece Isabella who is ten years old. You can read it plus other winning poems here.

Isabella’s not the only niece for whom I wrote a poem. Anna isn’t technically my niece, but she’ll be my step-niece in July when her mother marries my brother. After visiting them in Florida last Christmas, I was inspired to write the following poem which will appear in my new chapbook, That’s Life: New and Selected Poems, to be published by Finishing Line Press.


 For Anna


Oh you of thirteen years,

when told you can’t go to the mall

or sleep over with a friend,

please understand that’s the…

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    1. She got it right, didn’t she? This poem should be included in all junior high literature textbooks.


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