Books for Soldiers: Can You Help?


A U.S. Army chaplain is requesting donations of books to help soldiers he is counseling. His wish list is here, on the Amazon site.


Operation Paperback, a nonprofit organization that collects and sends “gently used” books to members of the military and their families, has approved his request.


If you can buy a gift book, Amazon will send it directly to the chaplain.





I thank mystery novelist Sandra Parshall, a Facebook friend, for sharing this information and the Amazon link. Visit Sandra at her website and on Facebook.








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2 thoughts on “Books for Soldiers: Can You Help?

  1. We are gathering books for my grandson and his army buddies too. I sent them some of mine, the ones I wrote and some of the books from my library. Now they are wanting more. LOL.We’ll gather up some more this week. Surprised me, because he never cared that much for reading. Thanks for the post and sharing this. Cher’ley


    1. It’s good to know people want books and that others are willing to share. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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