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doc told me he had a very bad cold
the dog gave it to him
one steamy summer afternoon
when the humidity soared into outer space
everyone dripping with water beads
the size of ripe teenage zits

his office wife
strongly suggested a toddy
already waiting for him
in the crowded lab
next to the fish tank
pillared above 4 corners
of piled of books
on ick

which he drank
most slovenly and in haste
then returned
to his nervous patient
squatting on the floor

he got down on all fours
and joined him
until his vocals got tired
and both fell fast asleep

it was dark
when he woke to thunderous snores
the bulldog
already recovered
from the tooth extraction
performed by elbow
while on the floor
with doc

gone for the night
gave doc no recourse
but to cage himself
lest he perform
another surgery

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Jo Stafford Sang at My Wedding

"Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit." Oh, all right, might as well stop complaining about these Do-Not-Edit twists. Nobody's listening. Fifteen Minutes: I can't think of three songs that are significant to me. I can think of … Continue reading Jo Stafford Sang at My Wedding

The House

Only Day 2, and I'm already tempted to drop out of Writing 101. Yesterday I had all day. I started early, ignored the instructions and wrote what and how I wanted, and took my time doing it. Fine. Today I had both morning and afternoon meetings, and now I'm as tired as I was when … Continue reading The House

One Pure Thought From My Wild Mind

Never again.   That's what I said when I received my M.A. No more school. I'd learned enough. More to the point, I'd stayed up for thirty-six hours at a stretch drafting and typing reams of literary criticism too many times. I'd tired of having to take off the weight (peanut butter) that appeared with … Continue reading One Pure Thought From My Wild Mind

A Good Time Was Had by All

Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas chapter introduced seven aspiring mystery writers at the annual Barbara Burnett Smith Aspiring Writers Event in May.

Austin Mystery Writers

IMG_3022By Gale Albright

There was much happiness on display at the tenth annual Barbara Burnett Smith Aspiring Writers Event (BBSAWE) on May 18 at Recycled Reads in Austin. People were talking, laughing, eating, exchanging e-mail addresses and phone numbers, eating, reading out loud, giving gifts, taking pictures–did I say eating?

The BBSAWE was created in the spring of 2005, after the tragic death of Ms. Smith, who was a published cozy mystery author. She was past president (International 1999-2000) of Sisters in Crime and was known for her helpfulness to other writers. Dynamic, energetic, and talented, her loss was greatly mourned by her family and the Austin writing community. To honor her memory, the Barbara Burnett Smith Mentoring Authors Foundation was dedicated in her honor to support and provide a mentoring community for aspiring mystery writers.

Every year Sisters in Crime: Heart of Texas chapter calls for submissions of the…

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