Don’t Cry for Me, Austin, Texas

I’m blogging today at Austin Mystery Writers. Come on over. Don’t let this opportunity pass.

Austin Mystery Writers


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On Saturday, Gale and I will leave on a seven-hour drive to Alpine, in West Texas. We’ll attend the Writers’ League of Texas’2014 Summer Writing Retreat.

  • Big Bend National Park. By Kathy Waller. Big Bend National Park. By Kathy Waller.

    I’m almost ready to leave. All I have to do is

  • print out and re-read all email correspondence from the WLT concerning the retreat;
  • put together and print at least fifty pages of my rough raft, which isn’t too rough considering all the revising and polishing I’ve done, against all the best advice; (putting together the draft entails sorting through the many files I’ve saved under a variety of names, none of which makes sense now);
  • buy new sneakers (the retreat doesn’t require formal dress) and a passel of socks to replace those the dryer has eaten; buy new khaki slacks if I can find a pair whose legs…

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50 “How To” Writing Posts on Craft

I know I’ve reblogged several posts lately, but I have to add another. Ramona DeFelice Long has an announcement that all writers will want to read. As always, her post is both brief and valuable.

Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarIn May of 2012, I announced a blog project for the coming month: I would post a How To craft post every day for the month, Sundays excepted. My month of blogging resulted in 27 posts about writing log lines, avoiding typo blindness, breaking the that habit, curing overpopulation, introducing characters, writing thematic statements, and so on.

Eventually, I put together all of those posts in a How To collection, which can be found under the FOR WRITERS tab. I continued to write How To posts in a more sporadic fashion, when the need or an idea arose.

Last week, I wrote my 50th How To post for this collection. All are available and tagged in one spot, so help yourself!

Writing a blog post every day was a fun, albeit crazy-making, challenge. I’ve thought about,and talked about, doing it again, but I usually talk myself out of…

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A First Line of Note

“Should I have taken the false teeth?” ~ Robertson Davies, The Cunning Man

About twenty years ago, I went on a Robertson Davies binge. I plowed through a number of his big, fat, fascinating novels, one right after the other.  Then I moved on to another literary addiction, but Davies’ stories still haunted me. Last week I came across a copy of The Cunning Man, opened it, read the first line, and was again hooked. I’m going to have to read all those books a second time.