Jo Stafford Sang at My Wedding

“Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.”

Oh, all right, might as well stop complaining about these Do-Not-Edit twists. Nobody’s listening.

Fifteen Minutes:

I can’t think of three songs that are significant to me. I can think of the four that were played/sung at my wedding; they’re significant, I suppose. But I’ve written about them elsewhere. What’s significant is that I chose two and the groom chose two, and our choices differed so widely.

My hand stopped. This is hard to do on a computer: it’s too easy to go back and fix things, choose another word. Even when you’re trying not to. Cursive is easier.

Anyway, David supplied recordings of “A-You’re Adorable” and “La Vie en Rose” (Jo Stafford). We opened with the Adorable song, and that set the tone for the entire day. Emily Post ran up the aisle and out the door in disbelief. But the guests visibly relaxed, and that was a good thing. No tension, no worries. Even the bride had a good time. After she saw the caterer’s van parked in front of the fellowship hall.

My songs were “Simple Gifts” and “The Prayer Perfect.” My gift to myself was a trained soprano to sing them.


Saturday morning I’ll spend two hours writing as Natalie Goldberg prescribes. David and I belong to a practice group called 15 Minutes of Fame. We write/read/write/read, etc. We’ve done it for years–I met him in another practice group–and I enjoy it. But we don’t publish our work. Well, we do, if we want, on our blog, but we clean them up a bit first.

And I never write on computer in practice. Cursive is faster. If schools stop teaching cursive, how will students ever be able to scrawl a note? Or write in a margin? Or practice writing their names in different styles? Educators need to think.



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3 thoughts on “Jo Stafford Sang at My Wedding

  1. Jo Stafford sang La Vie in Rose? I don’t know why that surprises me. I would have thought Edith Piaf. If you ever renew your vows, maybe the Austin Lounge Lizards could play the Hank Williams car song and Pflugerville.


  2. David had a tape of Jo Stafford, and we like her, so that’s who sang. I’m not sure whether the Presbyterians are quite ready for Edith Piaf. The Lounge Lizards would be okay for a vows renewal, I guess. Where would we have it? Kreuz Barbecue in Lockhart?


  3. I’ll have to look up Jo Stafford. Thanks for the intro.
    Don’t know if schools even have time to teach cursive anymore. It’s not on the tests.


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