This Is a Test–Only a Test–Plus a Mouse

Please bear with me. I’m trying something new. Because I can’t visualize what will happen after I follow instructions, I have to experiment.

This may take several tries. Just ignore me and speak among yourselves.

If there’s no one to visit with, feel free to observe this mouse. He was a favorite toy, but one of his owners stuffed him under the refrigerator, and when I found and released him he looked pretty grubby and had lost a leg.

I intended to send him to Toy Mouse Heaven but obviously forgot, because a couple of minutes ago I noticed him staring up at me from the bottom of the toy basket.



3 thoughts on “This Is a Test–Only a Test–Plus a Mouse

    1. Yes, they do. Especially the dirty pink ones. But I can’t deprive my cats of their treasures.


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