The Ilyasov Reflection

Kate Shrewsday is publishing her annual Christmas ghost story this week. Read on for Part One. And if you just cannot wait, here’s a link to Part Two:

Kate Shrewsday

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 17.05.34Christmas never goes by, in the Shrewsday household without a rollicking good ghost story. We are late – I have been ill – but here is the first of three parts. Enjoy, and have a wonderful festive break.

In the darkest recesses of the little shop in Pravdy Street, in the great city of St Petersburg, the frame stood blind.

By blind, I mean it carried no mirror, though once it must have been made to stand on the dressing table of some impossibly rich and beautiful woman. It was carved in mahogany and had once been lavishly gilded by master craftsmen, but its crevices collected dust now, its unsettling features dulled by time and inattention.

Old Gorokhin could not remember a time when it had not stood there, glowering from the corner of his little shop. His father before him told him it had arrived after the house clearance of…

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