The Ilyasov Reflection: Part II

Every Christmas, Kate Shrewsday writes a ghost story for her family. Last week, I posted Part I of this year’s story, “The Ilyasov Reflection.” Today I’m reblogging Part II. The link to Part III is here: Find the Final Part IV here: Kate and six of her writer friends have a book of ghostly short stories, Echoes in the Darkness, available on Amazon:

Kate Shrewsday

This is part two of the Shrewsday Christmas Ghost Story. You can find part one here.

When she woke, it was dark. And there was still no one there.

What time was it? Meg moved her head painfully. She must have hit it as she fainted. Two hours had passed, and Dylan was still not home. Her heart lurched as she remembered the events of the day, and involuntarily, she glanced at the mirror.

It was a blank stare, reflecting the room and Dylan’s Christmas lights

She heard sound of the key in the lock. Dylan hollered up the stairs: “Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a bugger. We’re going to have to make a quick turnaround I’m afraid….

And the woman in Meg took over. I look a sight, she thought, and I have five minutes. Without a thought for the bump on her head, or the mad woman in the…

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