Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Disclaimer: They say if you write, you’re a writer, but I don’t believe taking photographs makes you a photographer. Nor does taking a lot of photographs ensure your efforts will improve. But I usually write with tongue planted in cheek, so I might as well post photos the same way.  If a photo is just plain bad, I can claim posting it was an attempt at irony. Now and again, I might hit upon something interesting..

They also say not to apologize in advance, but I just did.

My blog. My rules.

I took the following shots when I was looking for something for Converge but became more interested in Shadows.

Photos are organized from shadowed to not shadowed. The last is there not for shadows or no shadows, but because I like it.

P. S. Here’s a link to tongue-in-cheek.

045055 046053063 067058107085See more photos in the Weekly Photo Challenge here.

( https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/shadowed/ )

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

    1. Yes, I am. I throw caution to the wind and post. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

      Thank you for liking my shadows.


  1. How about I got a ‘C’ in photography. I think the instructor felt sorry for me, being the only graphic designer in the class. And guess what?At the time, I thought I deserved at least a ‘B’ on account of at least turning my assignments in on time, along with my strong efforts. I like the stairs. Keep taking them.


    1. I would have given you an ‘A+.’

      Thanks for liking the stairs. I’ll keep using the camera. I guess it’s compulsive. When I was 18, I came home from New York City with–literally–about 50 shots of the Statue of Liberty, one from the crown looking down and 49 from the ground looking up. I was afraid some might not come out. Very difficult for something taken with an Instamatic not to come out.


  2. No, I guess you are right however, you do see the world in a much different angle, right? What many can’t see with the naked eye photographers can capture through the lens.


  3. Read your post on Ernest and just wanted to say I can relate. Have cats myself and they can do the darnest things. Never a dull moment! Like your shadows.


    1. People who “own” cats know things other people can’t even imagine, and most of it can be described as “darndest.” But, as you say, life without them would be dull. Maybe they think the same thing about us?


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