Brazos Writers’ Women and Crime: The Lost Photos

Photos that should have appeared in yesterday’s post about the September 5th Brazos Writers’ Women and Crime workshop–didn’t. Somewhere in the endless loop of composing, editing, and previewing, they slipped away unnoticed. But they’re back now, the remains of a day well spent.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Disclaimer: They say if you write, you’re a writer, but I don’t believe taking photographs makes you a photographer. Nor does taking a lot of photographs ensure your efforts will improve. But I usually write with tongue planted in cheek, so I might as well post photos the same way.  If a photo is just plain bad, I can claim posting it was an attempt at irony. Now and again, I might hit upon something interesting..

They also say not to apologize in advance, but I just did.

My blog. My rules.

I took the following shots when I was looking for something for Converge but became more interested in Shadows.

Photos are organized from shadowed to not shadowed. The last is there not for shadows or no shadows, but because I like it.

P. S. Here’s a link to tongue-in-cheek.

045055 046053063 067058107085See more photos in the Weekly Photo Challenge here.

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Photo Challenge: Dialogue #2: Socks

2014-09-03 010The photo display below illustrates what happens when the photographer reads the rules but immediately forgets them. Instead of photos engaged in dialogue, she shoots photos of objects engaged in dialogue.

It also shows what happens when one sock of each pair is eaten by the dryer: Those left behind have nothing to do but sit around and talk.

If there’s any justice in this world, this will be the last inane piece I’ll post, at least for a while. The previous post spotlighting the filthy mouse appeared because I was trying to attach my blog to Bloglovin‘ and wasn’t sure it would work, and I wanted to do more than post a possibly unworkable link. And after reading reams of instructions and not being convinced I understood them, I was disgusted enough to advertise the state of my refrigerator’s underside. I do move the appliance to mop, but I’m not compulsive about it. And I don’t want to offend by tossing my children’s favorite toy. Unfortunately, sponging mousie off does nothing for its appearance.

WordPress advises not to post when you have nothing to say. Once more I’ve violated the rule. Forgive me. As atonement, I offer socks and a cat.*

Also, please forgive the sock with the hole. I don’t wear it unless I want to make a statement. Then I pair it with the adjacent mismatch. I’m not comfortable that way, but people know that I’m my own person and that I have no shame.

See what other photographers have posted to this week’s photo challenge here.


*Sometimes, like around midnight, I post from impulse. Sometimes I’m just weak.