Brazos Writers’ Women and Crime: The Lost Photos

Photos that should have appeared in yesterday's post about the September 5th Brazos Writers' Women and Crime workshop--didn't. Somewhere in the endless loop of composing, editing, and previewing, they slipped away unnoticed. But they're back now, the remains of a day well spent.  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Disclaimer: They say if you write, you're a writer, but I don't believe taking photographs makes you a photographer. Nor does taking a lot of photographs ensure your efforts will improve. But I usually write with tongue planted in cheek, so I might as well post photos the same way.  If a photo is just … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Photo Challenge: Dialogue #2: Socks

The photo display below illustrates what happens when the photographer reads the rules but immediately forgets them. Instead of photos engaged in dialogue, she shoots photos of objects engaged in dialogue. It also shows what happens when one sock of each pair is eaten by the dryer: Those left behind have nothing to do but … Continue reading Photo Challenge: Dialogue #2: Socks