A 100-Year-Old Person: The View from Kindergarten

What does a 100-year-old person look like?

For their 100-day anniversary, kindergarteners were asked to come to school dressed as 100-year-olds.

This Aged P. is a member of my family, but, as is obvious from our respective photographs, I am considerably younger than she.

The Wedding: May 24, 2014

Derek and Kaitie got married.







































































































Christmas Day, 1950-Something (1956?)

7 Cousins, 1 Cousin-in-law, & 1 Grandmother (The unfortunate fashion statement at lower right was not the fault of the person wearing it.)

1st row: James Burnside King IV, Stephen Marshall King, Barbara Lee King, Mary Katherine Waller

2nd row: Crystal Lynn Worden, Mary Veazey Barrow, Eugene Wray Worden, Mary Whiting Worden,
Mary Veazey Worden