More Memories of June 19: What the Angels Eat

Yesterday I shared a Juneteenth memory--roasting ears. Today I'm sharing memories of two more foods that made June special. The first is even better than roasting ears:¬†watermelon, which is grown around Luling, ten miles from my hometown. Corn could be frozen for use any time, but when I was a child, watermelon made you w-a-i-t. … Continue reading More Memories of June 19: What the Angels Eat

Memories of July 19: Ros’nears

On June 19th, I wrote about the official Juneteenth holiday. Today I'm sharing a memory that surfaces every year when June 19 comes around. In my corner of the world, Juneteenth marks the time corn is ripe and ready to eat.¬† Although most people prefer sweet corn, my family ate field corn--roasting ears, commonly pronounced … Continue reading Memories of July 19: Ros’nears

ROW80 01.25.12 & Fentress Memories

I returned Sunday from four days in Higginsville, Missouri. I had accompanied my cousin Mary Veazey to see her brother, Wray, and his family. Wray has been in the hospital in Kansas City for the past couple of weeks. He's doing much better now and will be released from captivity in another couple of weeks … Continue reading ROW80 01.25.12 & Fentress Memories

How It Ends

I am not devastated. Season 8 of MI5 just ended. Nuclear war between India and Pakistan was averted. The team, however, did not come out unscathed. Something bad happened to one of the characters. This time last year, I would have been in tears. But I'm calm. I have discovered the way to peaceful acceptance … Continue reading How It Ends

Recycled: Burnt Toast

The following post originally appeared on Whiskertips. For those unfortunate enough to have missed it the first time, I repeat it here. ~~~~~~~~~~ I burn toast. It's hereditary. My mother burned toast. My grandmother burned toast. In fact, once when my grandmother was making cornbread dressing for Christmas dinner, she burned the toast three consecutive … Continue reading Recycled: Burnt Toast