#Bloganuary Day 2

What is a road trip you would like to take?

I want to sit on a bale of hay in the bed of a 1950 Chevy pickup–

Scratch that–

I want to stand on the running board of an old Chevy pickup, which I never got to do because I was just a little kid and only the teenagers were trusted to hang on–

And ride so deep into a mesquite-filled, prickly-pear-dotted Texas York Creek pasture that only the Whiteface Herefords can find their way out.


Image courtesy of morguefile.com

2 thoughts on “#Bloganuary Day 2

  1. I know what you mean, even though I don’t have any mountains. I’d like to be able to walk across the parking lot without a walker and a husband coming along behind to pick me up.


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