#Bloganuary Day 12

What emoji(s) do you like to use?

The question should be, What emoji(s) do you use?


Rarely. And I make it with the keyboard.



I use the above in emails to my husband. I send him grocery requests. He picks up at curbside. I also send requests to print. His computer is connected to the printer.

I don’t know how to make those emojis. I copied them from gmail and pasted here. I also don’t know what all the hearts mean. That blue one might be saying something I don’t want to say.

I could copy and paste from some website. That’s how I get this WordPress template to make an em dash (β€”) instead of a hyphen (-).* SadΒ  😣 . I usually like to be correct, but I don’t always feel like making the effort.

I think WP has a pluginβ€”or somethingβ€”where I can find emojis, but I haven’t gone hunting for it. I don’t even use the new and improved Block Editor if I can help it.

I suppose I would use emojis more if I cared enough. But I don’t. πŸ˜‘Β I type Sigh. Or Haha.

Old-fashioned. Or just plain lazy.

On the other hand, here’s an emoji I’d like to use.








*Originally I wrote dash. I meant hyphen. But I fixed it. As I said, I like to be correct. And not embarrassed.


Image by iXimus from Pixabay