#Bloganuary Day 8

What do you like most about your writing?

I like that some of my work makes people laugh.

I like writing dialogue. I hear characters talking while I write. Sometimes I hear them talking when I’m trying to go to sleep; I don’t like that.

The critics

I like building plots, getting the structure right. There’s a line from a high school literary magazine I read a million years ago when I was teaching–I don’t remember the author’s name: “Poetry is geometry exploded.” It’s also an algebraic equation. When I get a turn in the middle, and the two halves balanced, the solution found, I’m happy.

I like writing parodies. Here’s a link to a verse based on Leigh Hunt’s “Jenny Kissed Me.”

I like blogging because I can go back and fix errors in both grammar and judgment, and I can write whatever I want and not care what people think. (Yeah, right.)

I like best when I have written. And revised. And revised. And written. And edited. And proofed. And finally given up and let it go.