Brazos Writers’ Women and Crime: Facts, Projected Details, and a Streak of Luck

Just the Facts, Ma’am:

 Gale Albright and Kathy Waller spent a pleasant and productive day at  Brazos Writers’ Women and Crime workshop, held at the Southwood Community Center in College Station, Texas.

Speakers included

  • Mary Ringo, private investigator at Gumshoe Investigative Services, on Life as a PI;
  • Courtney Head, DNA Analyst at the Houston Forensic Science Center, on Life in the Houston Forensic Science Center; and
  • Lesley Hicks, Lieutenant, College Station Police Department, on Life in the PD.

A panel of authors–

discussed How to Create a Strong Female Detective, Professional or Amateur.

Over lunch, Mark Troy, author of The Splintered Paddle, hosted a Jeopardy! Style Game about Women and Crime. Players in the final round received copies of mysteries written by women.

At the end of the day, a reception was held during which guests mingled and authors signed books.

So much for the bare facts.

Presentations were excellent–imagine a surveillance operation that involves wading through sewage, hiding in tall grass, and feeding crackers to an enormous, foul-smelling dog who refuses to leave your side, while you’re trying to get pictures of people you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley–and details will appear in the near future.

Some will probably show up at Gale Albright’s Crime Ladies blog.

Gale might also tell how she wiped out the competition in the lunchtime Women and Crime game, and how she managed to snatch a door prize from the hands of the writer sitting next to her, whose ticket was only one digit off.

Said writer will tamp down her resentment and allow Gale to ride back home with her today. If I make her take a bus, she might not critique my story this week.

But I mean, really. Two prizes?


Note: I fibbed. Gale deserved the game prize. She was a powerhouse.


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3 thoughts on “Brazos Writers’ Women and Crime: Facts, Projected Details, and a Streak of Luck

    1. It was fun. I didn’t know Kathy was thinking about making me ride the bus. But you know, she’s a writer, and what goes on in writers’ minds is very scary. We found a lovely place to eat dinner last night (recommended by someone at the workshop) called Eccell Café. We had the prime catch of the day, which was steelhead trout swimming in a tomato-based broth with tiny tiny potato pieces, topped with arugula, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and golden raisins. Most excellent. I don’t know why I won so many, many points, because I know nothing about Jeopardy! I just lucked out. I did know the name of the female private eye in the Good Wife, Kalinda Sharma. I think that might have been the daily double question. I won a signed book by Hank Phillippi Ryan because I had more chips than anyone, plus I won a special coffee cup that says “What’s the bad guy up to?” with my door prize raffle ticket.


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