100 Words: Nothing But Gray

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the prompt.


PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright Jan Wayne Fields
Friday Fictioneer Prompt. Copyright Jan Wayne Fields

Nothing But Gray

Paul stood, hands in pockets, looking out.

She’s set four places again, he thought. And she sits in a different chair now, doesn’t talk, just looks out the window at nothing but gray stone.

She brought in a covered dish. “Chicken casserole. Your father’s favorite.”

He heard Jack slip in and pull out a chair. Paul didn’t move.

She sat down. “Come. Eat.”

He turned. “Every night, Mom, four plates. And you, just staring.”

“Four people, four plates.”

“Dad’s dead, Mom. He’s dead. Three months now.”

She unfolded her napkin. “And I watch for your father. He’ll be home soon.”


Rochelle Wisoff – Fields – Addicted to Purple

Prompt: 16 January 2015

18 thoughts on “100 Words: Nothing But Gray

    1. I was thinking mental issues. But I don’t understand this character well enough to know. Thank you for visiting and commenting.


  1. Dear Kathy,

    A well rendered portrait of love and loss, deterioration and the deadly quiet of despair. The only downside of a prompt as bleak as the one we used this week is that at the end of the week I feel like slitting my wrists. That said, you did you part beautifully. Well done.




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