I Said No to Hemingway

My post @ Writing Wranglers and Warriors is NOT about Hemingway.

It is about what Aliens @ Alien Resort look like. You will be surprised and delighted.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors


Posted by Kathy Waller

Last weekend, I wrote a post about cows. It ran to over 1100 words, and I hadn’t covered even half of the cows I’d planned to. Furthermore, it was silly. I scrapped it.

Coy © David David“Coy” © David David

Today I started a post in which I intended to compare a book by artist-author Shel Silverstein to the novels of Katherine Paterson. The first part–the Shel Silverstein part–ran to over 1300 words, and there were more to come.

That posed a problem, as most of the piece was to be about Katherine Paterson.  I liked what I’d written, and so would other English majors, some of them, maybe, but most people aren’t English majors. They find literary criticism tedious. So I scrapped it.

© David Davis“Lmao” © David Davis

© David Davis© David Davis

Then I thought about writing a brief post about symbolism, drawing from the novels and stories of Ernest Hemingway. It was going to be…

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