Reblog: Kaye George on Taxes for Writers 2017

Technically this isn’t a reblog, because WordPress and Blogger aren’t set up to reblog each other’s posts. So I’ll call it a shareblog.


In a post on Travels with Kaye, established–and very successful–writer Kaye George says the IRS hobby rule doesn’t have to apply to writers, if you’re serious about your writing.” She explains the hows and whys and provides links to pertinent IRS publications. She’s not a tax preparer, but a veteran writer and taxpayer.

Kaye posted this in March. I’m late in sharing it, but perhaps information will be helpful in preparing for April 15, 2018.

Here are her first two paragraphs:

Kaye George/Janet Cantrell holding two of her books–MURDER ON WHEELS and FAT CAT SPREADS OUT

I learned of yet another writer whose tax preparer gave her wrong information! It’s a shame that ignorance of what taxes mean to writers is so widespread.

So, once again (sorry it’s a little late this year), I’m posting to inform all of you writers that you CAN deduct expenses–and for many, many years. Below is my standard post and at the bottom is a link to changes for this year.
To read the rest of Kaye’s post, click here.

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