What You Can Do When You Don’t Turn on Your Computer

On June 18, I didn’t turn my laptop on. At all.

I got out of bed, trekked up to Central Austin for a mammogram, came back home, picked up a book, and read from roughly 11:30 a.m. till midnight. The mammogram was nothing to speak of, but the rest of the day was lovely. I hadn’t spent an entire day reading for a long time.

While unplugged, I finished Terry Shames’ latest mystery, A Reckoning in the Back CountryIt’s a good book, as are all of Terry’s mysteries.

I did a brief review of her first, A Killing at Cotton Hillhere–actually, it’s a review of a sentence I fell in love with–and later wrote more about the book.

A digression: I am honored that one of my stories is in the crime fiction anthology Lone Star Lawless (see cover picture on sidebar) along with one of Terry’s.

All right. That’s my self-serving plug for the day.

Tomorrow, I’ll write more about Juneteenth.






3 thoughts on “What You Can Do When You Don’t Turn on Your Computer

  1. I declared a facebook-free day for myself. So far, it’s not working, but I’m going to keep trying. Staying off that, alone, would do my productivity tons of good.


  2. Oh, Facebook. I have to open it to communicate with groups, and then I get sucked into the whirlpool. But if I gave it up, I would never know about graduations and new babies. First people stopped writing letters; now they don’t email. I wonder what historians will say about social media. Probably what they say about the telephone, which, as far as I’ve seen, isn’t much.


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