F Is for Survival of the Fitting: #atozchallenge

My F post was almost ready to go online–Fairy Tales and Fiery Furnaces–when David showed me the new stopper he bought this afternoon for our bathtub. I immediately scrapped that F topic and replaced it with a new one: Fitting.

When a topic like that falls into your lap, you don’t go looking a gift horse in the mouth.

The story goes like this:

The little lever that opens and closes our bathtub drain (technical term: drain switch) hasn’t been working at 100% efficiency. It closes just fine but when opened, it sometimes doesn’t stay open all the way. Water drains too slowly. It’s more like seeping.

The defect is common in this type of bathtub fitting. A little flaw in product design, I assume.

Because having it repaired would cause considerable disruption, David took the route of reason. He brought home an old-fashioned stopper.

Old technology, but reliable. It fits most sink or tub drains.

On the back of the package are a diagram and instructions for installation. The first instruction is, “Read All Instructions Carefully Before Using.” Fortunately, no tools are needed for installation.

David hasn’t yet installed our stopper. I don’t expect him to have trouble. But if he does, he can check the company website or call a 1-866 telephone number.


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