Ernest watching movie Squirrels II at the living room IMAX

We’re preparing to take Ernest to the vet for a glucose check.

He was lying on the footrest of my recliner. David said, “I’m going to spray some calming spray in your direction.”

He did.

Ernest jumped down and walked away.

But I’m feeling quite relaxed now, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Calming

  1. LOL! Experience has taught me that the sound of the spray scares them and they run! I spray the calming spray on a towel and put it in the carrier – seems to work – but who knows! Ernest may object either way!


    1. Well, the odd thing–and I didn’t make this clear–Ernest didn’t object to the spray, which surprised me, because he goes bananas when I spray anything in his vicinity, and he didn’t jump and run. He lay there for a minute or so, then got down and sashayed down the hall to the bedroom. Later I heard a plaintive meYOW, and David brought him back to the living room in his carrier. He didn’t protest further, and the tech said he was so good, had cooperated with everything. He’s always cooperated, but you could tell he didn’t want to. The vet has a tiny cat lounge with calming pheremones and music designed to de-stress cats, so that might have had some effect. It worked for me.


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