Reception Invitation–Please Share

Coy and Susan are getting married at Alien Resort, and you’re invited to the reception on Zoom. Sign the wedding guest book (link in this post)–a link to your site will be displayed, and you’ll receive the link to the reception.

Alien Resort

I’m Plucky, a spaceship captain and the ranking officer at Alien Resort island. I’m proud to be a friend of both Coy, the founder of Alien Resort, and my roommate Susan, who lived with her parents in the island’s mountains for thousands of years. We hope you’ll join in their good fortune by adding your link to the wedding guest book. And  watch for details about the costume (optional) Zoom reception–everyone’s invited. I asked Deadpan if he was going to pick out a goose; he said he might take a gander.

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2 thoughts on “Reception Invitation–Please Share

  1. I’m not sure how to do that. When I click on “sign the register” I don’t find any place to enter anything.


  2. D. got your email with your website URL and has entered it. He’s added all the URLs manually. I thought it was done by some kind of Internet magic. Thanks for sending. I hope you’ll be able to attend the reception. Time and date will be announced next week.


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