Letter from the North Pole

A little late, but I’m posting a precious memory for the second time.


Lacking a fireplace, I mailed my letters to Santa Claus at the post office in downtown Fentress. My list of preferred gifts was always extensive. I knew I wouldn’t get everything I wanted, but there was no harm in asking.

One year Santa wrote back. As proof, I’m posting not only the letter he wrote, but the envelope as well. Judging from the postmark and the reference to Sputnik, I’d just turned six.

It takes a lot of stamps to get a letter from the North Pole to Texas.

It also helps when your Uncle Joe is the postmaster.



10 thoughts on “Letter from the North Pole

  1. Oh, that’s wonderful! I remember getting a letter from Santa once too–it wasn’t until years later that I realized it was my mother’s handwriting:-)


    1. Those letters are precious now, aren’t they? My uncle had lost part of an arm in an accident a few years before, so that letter was typed with one finger on the post office typewriter. A labor of love.

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