This Emptor Should Have Caveated

  Nov. 26: Ordered quilt online; multi-cat design; not  quilt in picture, and not cat either Nov. 27: Received email confirmation; processing time 5-7 days; everything handmade and impeccably "sawn"; hoped quilt would be more impeccable than proofreading Dec. 1, 4, 7, and 8: Received emails re more quilts available for order Dec. 10: Received … Continue reading This Emptor Should Have Caveated

100-Word Story: Pogo Stick

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.   I heard them talking. Daddy said, She wants a pogo stick. Mama said, She has enough presents. Santa brought a pogo stick. Daddy smiled. Sturdy. We went outside. Mama frowned. Don't fall. She's fine. Daddy lifted me on. I bounced. The pogo stick didn't. Daddy frowned. Spring's tight. You're … Continue reading 100-Word Story: Pogo Stick

Belated Christmas and Midnight Romps

At Christmas play and make good cheer For Christmas comes but once a year.                             ~ Thomas Tusse David and I met friends Geoff and Emme at the Root Cellar yesterday morning for a belated Christmas breakfast. Our plan for a Christmas-David's Birthday-New Year's … Continue reading Belated Christmas and Midnight Romps

Christmas, 2012: Progression

Christmas Eve Christmas Day The rest of the story: David and I watched the clock for twenty minutes and then headed for the nearest movie theater to see Hitchcock. Of the seven viewers, six lasted to the end of the movie. One bailed out early. He looked too young to know who Alfred Hitchcock was. … Continue reading Christmas, 2012: Progression