William, Sojourning

Enjoying him-time

Piled up in bed
Looking superior
Breaking the Don’t-get-between-Kathy-and-the-pillow rule

5 thoughts on “William, Sojourning

    1. Then we have both been fortunate in our cats. When we got him from the rescue folks, he was all ears, tail, and tummy, with tiny, tapered feet. I thought he would be small. Instead, he grew into a great big adult. The extra adipose is my fault; he vacuumed up every scrap of food he could get; I let him graze, and he didn’t stop vacuuming.

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      1. Seriously. EXACTLY like my guy, Tigger. He was a rescue as well. The only food he didn’t like was salmon. Turned his nose up and stalked away with that tail straight up in the air. lol


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