Comicpalooza Day 2: Moppets & More

Official business completed, we spent several hours wandering through the Comicpalooza exhibit hall. Passing by a panel in discussion mode, I heard a young woman say that when she first became involved in cosplay,  she was shocked that strangers came up and touched her. She wasn't prepared for that. I wasn't prepared to hear they … Continue reading Comicpalooza Day 2: Moppets & More

Doodle 2. The Crossword, Sort Of

Doodle 2. Doodle one of your favorite things to do. My favorite thing is to fly to Albany, rent a car, get a hotel room in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and spend several days driving up U.S. Route 7 to Burlington, Vermont, and down U.S. Route 7 to Lenox, Massachusetts (Edith Wharton's house), and up to Burlington, and down to … Continue reading Doodle 2. The Crossword, Sort Of

Cascades, Water Balloons, and Tort Law: An Overview

I was sitting with friends yesterday evening, studying a menu, when our waiter tipped the tray he was carrying and poured ice water on me. Seven glasses full. Most went onto my lap. My slacks were sopping. That was the most invigorating experience I've had since the Director of the Tort Litigation Division of the largest law … Continue reading Cascades, Water Balloons, and Tort Law: An Overview

Feeling Wretched Leads to Grousing and Posting

I feel lousy! Oh so lousy! I feel lousy, and frowzy, and a fright! And that's the truth. My whole body, except for my brain, is out of commission. My brain is set on Grouse. To the widest audience I can find. I've already told my niece and my great-niece, through Facebook, what I think about … Continue reading Feeling Wretched Leads to Grousing and Posting


When I was in my late twenties, three of my co-workers and I met every Friday during summer vacations to tube down the San Marcos River. We would start with burgers at Pepper's or salads at Palmers' or, joy of joys, real, old-fashioned Tex-Mex at Herbert's Taco Hut. Then we'd go to Vivian's, change into … Continue reading Morals