Labor-Not-Intensive Day

  A spontaneous Labor Day picnic, fried chicken and potato salad beside the pool, followed by carrot cake in air conditioned comfort. We forgot to take the camera, so later David did a basic recreation and snapped some shots. I got a picture of the cake. When I remember the elaborate family picnics of my … Continue reading Labor-Not-Intensive Day


Today is Juneteeth, the holiday commemorating the announcement of the end of slavery in Texas. Because it was relatively  isolated from the rest of the Confederacy and had not been a battleground, and because word traveled slowly, news of war and politics known in other Confederate states was slow to reach Texas. News of Lee's … Continue reading Juneteenth

Bear Feet and Lava Lamps

Christmas Night, and all through the house, one person and two cats are sleeping all snug in their beds, while I'm sitting here watching Apollo 13 and a lava lamp. This is my first lava lamp. I skipped the '70s. David said it's his first lava lamp, too. He was present for the '70s but skipped … Continue reading Bear Feet and Lava Lamps

Pot Roast Plethora and a Parboiled Goose

Modified rapture! The pot roast fell apart. Four hours at 250°, and a three-pound chuck roast falls apart when nudged with a fork. It has taken me twelve years to relearn that. Until 1988, I cooked lovely pot roasts, tender and tasty. I followed my mother's example: no flouring, no searing, just season the meat, put it … Continue reading Pot Roast Plethora and a Parboiled Goose

Feeling Wretched Leads to Grousing and Posting

I feel lousy! Oh so lousy! I feel lousy, and frowzy, and a fright! And that's the truth. My whole body, except for my brain, is out of commission. My brain is set on Grouse. To the widest audience I can find. I've already told my niece and my great-niece, through Facebook, what I think about … Continue reading Feeling Wretched Leads to Grousing and Posting

A Davis Christmas 2009: Compromise

As you know if you saw our last post, our Christmas tree has been the subject of intense, but not unexpected, conflict. As soon as the tree lit up, so did William and Ernest. William had to be physically restrained from chewing on the lights. The next morning found the tree lying on its side … Continue reading A Davis Christmas 2009: Compromise