A Card from Cullen, 1952

From the archives:

A Christmas card I received from one of my Woodward cousins, and next-door neighbor, Cullen Myers Dauchy.

I believe it was my second Christmas, when I was fourteen  months old. Cullen would have just turned six.

5 thoughts on “A Card from Cullen, 1952

    1. I’m assuming this reply is going to Cullen? This is Craig Land (Herby) sister Sandy…..we hung out together the few times we lived in or visited Fentress. I’ve been wondering how you are doing, I hope fine. We were in Fentress this last weekend to see what’s new. Drove by your house hoping someone would be there but no such luck.


      1. Your comment went to Kathy Waller, Cullen’s cousin and old Fentress neighbor, but I’ve copied and sent it to him via email to make sure he sees it. I believe your grandparents were Mr. Herbert and Miss Katie Maude? I remember them fondly. (I omitted the last sentence of your comment here for the sake of privacy.)


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