The Melody Maids at Christmas, 1967

The Prairie Lea High School Melody Maids perform at the San Marcos Rotary Club meeting, December 1967.

  1. Kathy Waller
  2. Guest
  3. Shirley Hendricks
  4. Sherry Eby
  5. Kathy Pitts
  6. Sally Barber
  7. Patsy Kimball (Director)
  8. Sally Bagley

White lines on the picture cover names that I restored in the list above.

8 thoughts on “The Melody Maids at Christmas, 1967

    1. I’m fortunate that family and friends save things. My mother stashed the letter in the cedar chest and I found it when we moved several years ago. A friend supplied the photograph. They’re curators of my life.


  1. Kathy, the Melody Maids conjure up great memories; I heard them sing so many times, but it was usually an older bunch of girls! My hunch is that this group of Melody Maids sang “Silver Bells,” “The Little Drummer Boy,” and “The Night Before Christmas,” among others. Happy Holidays!


    1. You’re right on all counts. Part of the Melody Maids’ tradition was the songs they sang down through the years. It was a pleasure to be a member of the group. Good memories.


    2. Yes, indeed, those were our songs! Also Yes There Is a Santa Claus and Oh Holy Night. Happiest of holidays!


  2. Kathy, Small world. Don’s friend from his class at Beaumont High School, Bette Stead, was in the Melody Maids. She’s older than you – class of 1953-54 I think. She recently had a long article about the Merry Maids published. What was your maiden name? Is it possible you knew each other?


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    1. No, the Prairie Lea Melody Maids was a small group that sang at school functions, church services, funerals, Lions Club and Rotary Club dinners, and such; our territory ranged from San Marcos to Luling and Seguin to Lockhart. The Melody Maids your friend belonged to was a major organization–I googled–and it must have been a wonderful experience to sing with it. And to travel internationally. That is impressive.

      BTW, Waller is my maiden name. After nineteen years, I’d like to change it, but the first stop would be the Social Security office, and I haven’t worked up the gumption to make an appointment.


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