The Great Throwing-Away: Piano

My husband just made arrangements for the Salvation Army to pick up the piano because we're moving in two weeks and won't have room for it in our new place. It's not in the best of shape. It doesn't tune as high as it should because I let it get too hot and too cold … Continue reading The Great Throwing-Away: Piano

The Great Throwing-Away: Quilts

Today's Great Throwing-Away was more of a Great Packing-Away, but I'm stopping for a brief post. Anything to take me away from the task at hand. Like my mother's cookbook and her high school diploma, three quilts will stay with me. The first is a baby blanket my mother's mother, Mary Veazey Barrow, made for … Continue reading The Great Throwing-Away: Quilts

News Flash: Bullet Books Are Here!

  Bullet Books are speed reads for the busy traveler, commuter, and beach-goer. All are new original crime fiction stories that can be read in two to three hours. Gripping cinematic mysteries and thrillers by your favorite authors! Manning Wolfe, attorney and author of the Merit Bridges legal thrillers, this week introduced the first set … Continue reading News Flash: Bullet Books Are Here!

The Great Throwing-Away: Tomato Soup Cake

The Great Throwing-Away continues to unearth items I refuse to throw away. Today it's The Household Searchlight Recipe Book my mother acquired, according to the inside cover, in 1940. It's had a hard life. I referred to page 77 repeatedly during my Divinity Phase, when I was eleven. Every rainy weekend—and there were more of … Continue reading The Great Throwing-Away: Tomato Soup Cake

The Great Throwing-Away: Martindale High School

The Great Throwing-Away continues. I opened a bin I thought contained photographs but found more paper than photos. Cards. Letters. Newspaper clippings. Little bits of life. And my mother's diploma from Martindale High School in Martindale, Texas, which she received May 31, 1935. It's signed by Chas. E. Lumpkin, Superintendent; Ruby C. Slaughter, Principal; and … Continue reading The Great Throwing-Away: Martindale High School

Critique Groups: Here There (Might) Be Sharks

  At least three times over the years, I’ve posted on my personal blog a paean to critique groups. And once more I repeat: My critique group is a necessary part of my writing life. Before I joined my first critique group, I was floundering, rewriting the same material over and over, trying to remember—does this scene … Continue reading Critique Groups: Here There (Might) Be Sharks

Courageous Offer

Finally, someone comes to the aid of Alien Resort!

Alien Resort

Just when our spirits had sunk to their lowest low, a voice from out of nowhere has sparked a glimmer of hope. Dan Rosandich, the owner of Dans Cartoons, wrote to say that he will not be intimidated by the Beacons of Night, and has offered us a gig. Mr. Rosandich says he has a spot for our comics in the extraterrestrial section of his cartoon catalog. Dans Cartoons creates cartoons for professional and commercial projects, and will custom make them for any purpose. We wrote back thanking Mr. Rosandich for his courageous offer and letting him know that we’ll keep it in mind as we sort through our current crisis. Lmao used to associate with a business crowd but he lost all his ties.

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The Great Throwing-Away, Part 2a: The Siege of the Research Paper

  The Great Throwing-Away continues to unearth evidence of past life. Today it's "The Siege of the Alamo," my eighth-grade research paper, twenty pages handwritten in ink (I didn't like to turn in work with strike throughs, so I trashed a lot of paper bearing mistakes), plus pencil draft and outline, plus bibliography cards and … Continue reading The Great Throwing-Away, Part 2a: The Siege of the Research Paper

Labor-Not-Intensive Day

  A spontaneous Labor Day picnic, fried chicken and potato salad beside the pool, followed by carrot cake in air conditioned comfort. We forgot to take the camera, so later David did a basic recreation and snapped some shots. I got a picture of the cake. When I remember the elaborate family picnics of my … Continue reading Labor-Not-Intensive Day

As the Name Implies

  A Grand Throwing-Away has unearthed a pile of ancient schoolwork. I wrote "Our Scientific World" as a review of a unit in the seventh-grade literature text. It is a combination of truth and lies. For example, "In my opinion the stories in this unit were not as good as those in other units that … Continue reading As the Name Implies

9 Links and a Cat

Recent posts having focused on cats and goats, today I'm back to basics, sharing links to articles that writers—and non-writers—will find informative, entertaining, and/or thought-provoking.   The first appear on Chris the Story Reading Ape's Blog: "Can Common Writing Advice Be Wrong?" — by Jamie Gold The answer to that question requires only one word, … Continue reading 9 Links and a Cat

Which Would You Rather

  A crime writer here in Austin closed his blog a couple of years ago. It was both informative and entertaining and enjoyed a wide readership. When asked why he stopped writing it, he said it was time-consuming. He needed to put all his effort into his novels. In addition, he said, which would most … Continue reading Which Would You Rather

The Time Has Come

  "The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things. Of cloture votes— and civil rights— and Martin Luther Kings." ~ Lewis Carroll, "The Walrus and the Carpenter"   "The Walrus and the Carpenter" was in my seventh-grade literature book. I fell in love with it included it in my poetry notebook, … Continue reading The Time Has Come