Last week, Ernest claimed the chair I consider mine. When I got out, he jumped in. When I wanted to sit down, I had to wrestle him out. ¬†That's why the photo shows Ernest lying in the chair. The laptop is in the chair because one night several months ago, when the laptop was sitting … Continue reading Comment

Another fine mess…

Did you know that when you edit a monthly newsletter, you have to produce a newsletter every single month? Well, you do. You don't publish an August issue and then just rest on your laurels.   In thirty days--fewer than that in February--another month rolls around, and you're supposed to come up with something new. … Continue reading Another fine mess…


William and I had a fight over which of us would occupy the recliner. I won. William retaliated by sitting on the keyboard and retitling this post. I should have trashed it. Instead, I publish it as an example of the limitations under which I operate.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses, or The writerly thing to do

Cats are dangerous companions for writers because cat watching is a near-perfect method of writing avoidance.¬† ~Dan Greenburg I returned home from Just for the Hell of It Writers filled with enthusiasm for the next assignment. Sat down in the recliner, put my feet up, booted up the laptop, read e-mail, checked a couple of … Continue reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses, or The writerly thing to do

The daily miracle

The most serious problem the writer encounters is coming up with a topic, coming up with an original topic, finding the form you're comfortable with, writer's block, creating interesting characters, writing sparkling dialogue, finding your voice, weeding out unnecessary modifiers, weeding out passive voice, appealing to the five senses, revising, finding a good critique group, … Continue reading The daily miracle