17 Must-Read Books*

Gertrude Stein   said,   " To write is to write is to write is to write is to write is to write is to write."  She spoke the truth.  Email. Blog posts. Blog comments. Email. Manuscripts. Introductions. Blog posts. Email. Email. Email.  What happened to reading?  I shall find out.   ***  Pennebaker. The … Continue reading 17 Must-Read Books*


What was I thinking? Obviously not much. For a previous WordPress photo challenge (Object), I posted I don't know why. I'd already picked out several shots I liked better, such as and either of which is more interesting than books on chairs. But at the last minute the books jumped out and said, Pick me! … Continue reading Hypotenuse

Letting the miracle happen

I ended an earlier post with the sentence, "There's a hole I have to write myself out of." Parse that and you'll find it equal parts wish, bravado, pretense, and humbug. I had no idea how to write myself out of that hole. I thought I'd have to scrap "A Day in the Life of … Continue reading Letting the miracle happen

The daily miracle

The most serious problem the writer encounters is coming up with a topic, coming up with an original topic, finding the form you're comfortable with, writer's block, creating interesting characters, writing sparkling dialogue, finding your voice, weeding out unnecessary modifiers, weeding out passive voice, appealing to the five senses, revising, finding a good critique group, … Continue reading The daily miracle