Day B: Ben Hur #AtoZChallenge

Sunday night, and I'm watching Ben Hur on the local PBS channel. I saw it the first time on a Saturday afternoon at the Rita Theatre in Del Rio, Texas, in 1961. The movie was released in 1959, but Del Rio was an out-of-the-way place, and films didn't travel as quickly then as they do … Continue reading Day B: Ben Hur #AtoZChallenge

Color Me… Something

This blog was offline during April while I tampered with its appearance. I tried nearly every theme WordPress offers. I tried nearly every color WordPress offers. I understand that for blogs, white is in fashion, but I like color. I've played with the colors a lot. My main specifications: Background must be light enough for text to be easily … Continue reading Color Me… Something

Happy Birthday, Veazey

Today is my cousin Mary Veazey's birthday. I will not say how old she is. I'll say only that she is old enough that she's always thought she had the right to boss me around. We have had many good times together. The most memorable, right now, aside from the times we almost broke up church … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Veazey


Dinner with the cast of Giant at El Paisano in Marfa, Texas.   Photographs of James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rock Hudson by Kathy Waller shot from photographs hanging in El Paisano Hotel, Marfa, Texas Related articles Video: Pop Pilgrims 2012: James Dean's last movie was Marfa, Texas' first Hollywood experience "60 Minutes" to air … Continue reading Elegance


I'm watching Patterns, a movie written by Rod Serling. Van Heflin plays a young production engineer hired by a ruthless industrialist to replace his vice-president, whose ethics and integrity make him, in his superior's eyes, a liability to the company. The new executive finds himself caught in a pattern he's determined to break. The movie's … Continue reading Patterns

Black Swan and Rattlesnake

Held captive in the doldrums Friday evening (by Justice Scalia and the Texas Legislature), I told David I needed to see Black Swan to make me feel better. I knew even as I said it that my wish was ultra-self-contradictory, sort of oxymoronic with the emphasis on moron. Anyone who's seen the publicity knows Black … Continue reading Black Swan and Rattlesnake

But what will he do for clothes?

Our weekly movie on DVD was about John, a young editor sent to Italy to persuade Robert, a famous writer, to end a twenty-year hiatus and start writing again. It's a sweet story with all the necessary ingredients, including John's falling in love with Robert's daughter, Maria, and Robert's encouraging John to leave publishing and … Continue reading But what will he do for clothes?