Roswell Sightings: Day 1

Today's sights: Superman; an executioner with hood and sword; a bustier-ed, tutu-ed, high-heeled, red-horned blonde devil; a carousel; a ringtailed lemur (authentic, not costumed); a ¬†fried chimichanga (also authentic); little green men in front of nearly every business establishment (who's to say?) Today's most delightful sight: A covered wagon (cover looked like plastic) pulled by … Continue reading Roswell Sightings: Day 1

Day 24: Mulomedic

Today's word is mulomedic. It's one of four endangered words I adopted today from the Oxford English Dictionary's Save the Words. An adjective, it means relating to the medical care of mules. Example: Mary wants to be a mulomedic veterinarian, but her mother says Basset hounds are where the money is. When I adopted my … Continue reading Day 24: Mulomedic