Roswell: JPEGs

Here, in no particular order and, possibly, of no particular interest, are photos taken the weekend of the 2012 Roswell Cosmic-Con and Film Festival: uncaptioned, uncropped, just thrown out into cyberspace.

A few remarks to help in the deciphering process:

The first are from Friday night’s costume party at the Roswell Zoo. We expected to see space creatures but found zombies, executioners, and belly dancers as well.

The belly dancers danced with pythons. The dancer on the left has one wrapped around her arm. She was returning it to its basket.

That’s David in the tee-shirt with spacemen on the front.

The baby was cute, so I took her picture.

The space car was parked at the Holiday Inn. I don’t know whether it’s a permanent fixture or a visitor.

Billy (now Bill) Mumy was on the premises, but I didn’t see him.

The alien streetlights are a hoot.

Roswell Sightings: Day 1

Alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s sights: Superman; an executioner with hood and sword; a bustier-ed, tutu-ed, high-heeled, red-horned blonde devil; a carousel; a ringtailed lemur (authentic, not costumed); a ¬†fried chimichanga (also authentic); little green men in front of nearly every business establishment (who’s to say?)

Today’s most delightful sight: A covered wagon (cover looked like plastic) pulled by two beautiful brown mules, out in the middle of nowhere

Today’s most promising sight: The Hardback Coffee Cafe, to be investigated tomorrow

English: The McDonalds located at 720 N. Main ...
English: The McDonalds located at 720 N. Main in Roswell, New Mexico models its PlayPlace as a flying saucer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s happiest sight: David, on

English: The Roswell Public Library
English: The Roswell Public Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

learning the hotel room has cable TV

Today’s saddest sight: Me, on learning the pool closed at 10:00 p.m.

Today’s biggest surprise: David handing me the keys and saying, “You drive.”

Today’s most bedraggled sight: Me, after driving for eleven hours

Today’s most chagrined sight: Me, after realizing I didn’t bring the cable for transferring photos from camera to laptop

Today’s most ridiculous eavesdrip: “How long have you been kissing her with the same mouth with which you kissed me?” (TV show about Daytime Emmys)